Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I made this shape on inkscape like all the other ones.I just selected the rectangle tool and changed its shapes by simply using the tool which transforms shapes. I added strokes on each rectangle's edges so that i can make it look like a box when i join them. In the end i also added a bit of gradient on it.

Ellipse and pacman

I made these two images on inkscape.I made both of them with the help of normal circle tool and modified it by simply changing its shapes. I also used some gradient on it.I reduced its opacity which made it look better and then i also applied blur on some of them. I also put strokes on outside of it.

Computer survey

1) How many working computers are there in your home?

2) Do your home computers run on Windows or some other operating system such as Linux?
My home computers run on windows.

3) Are you allowed to use a computer at home unsupervised in your own room (with the door closed) or is it in a public room where parents can see the screen?
I use my computer in public room .

4) Does your family own a laptop or netbook? Do you use it?
Nobody owns a laptop in our house.

5) Does your family have internet access? If so is it ADSL1 or 2, mobile broadband, cable or dialup?
Yes, It’s ADSL2 and it’s broadband.

6) Does your family have wireless?

7) Which browser or browsers do you use at home? Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, other?
I use mozilla firefox and google chrome.

8) What is your preferred search engine?

9) Does your family use VOIP (voice over internet protocol) for phone calls?

10) Have you ever made a video and uploaded it to Youtube?

11) Do you have a Facebook, Bebo or Myspace account that you use from time to time? How often?
I have a facebook account. I use it everyday.

12) Can you access your bank account (if you have one) online?
I don’t have a bank account.

13) Have you ever bought something over the internet through a site such as EBay or Amazon? What have you bought?
No I never bought anything from internet.

14) List your three favourite on line games
Table tennis, call of duty, halo 3.

15) What do you do on the Internet. Number in this way
2 = often
1 = sometimes
0 = never

2) look up answers to homework,
2) real time chat or messaging using IM, Skype etc.,
2) email
1) on line games,
1) watch Youtube videos,
1) surf the web,
1) search using a search engine
2) visit social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo, Myspace
1) downloading music or movies or games
0) write in my blog, wiki or website
0) other, please specify

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spiral shapes

I made these shapes on inkscape. I just made some spiral shapes and then made changes in them by using the options on inkscape. i used optins like turns, divergence and inner radius. I also used stroke style and stroke paint. I enjoyed this activity.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I made these shapes on inkscape. First i just made a star and then made some changes on it by using some of the options on inkscape like spoke ratio,rounded,corners and randomize.I've used all of these optins in each on of them. I think this excercise was fun because it was a new software.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mobile phone survey

1) Do you own a mobile phone?
No, I don’t own a mobile phone.

This is the mobile phone i would like to own.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Questions for TV survey

1) How many TVs are there in your home?
There is one TV in our house.

2) Is there a quiet room in your home where you can do home work?
Yes, there is quiet room in my house where I can study.

3) In what room do you do your home work?
My own room

4) Estimate how many hours a week you spend watching TV?
11 to 12 hours

5) What is your favorite TV show?
Top gear is my favorite TV show

6) Explain why you like your favorite TV show?
I like the show because the show is about cars.

7) Does your family watch any particular TV show together? If yes, say which show
No, they don’t.

8) Do any of your pets watch TV?

10) How would you feel if TV was banned in your home?
I won’t feel at all good.

11) Anything else you want to say about TV?
It helps if you’re getting bored.